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Is vertigo a symptom of SS or Lupus? I've been diagnosed with SS and have been having problems with my ears clogging and now I'm starting to feel a little dizzy and pressure in my ears and behind my eyes. My family Dr. said I have wax build up but no ear infection. Could this be part of SS or something else? I never know what to consider normal with SS.

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Don't think many of us do ☺️ I have SS and vertigo (among many other issues) my vertigo starts off quite strong in that I fall heavily, usually to the left side and I can't get up for hours. Difficult when you're alone. If I do try to move then I start vomiting. My doc has never associated it to SS though.


Id be getting thyroidctested as these r early signs ask for tsh ft3 ft4 rt3 antibodies hashimotos

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Hi i have something auto immune going on, dry mouth eyes, and Raynaulds of hands and feet, plus pains and neuropathy type symptoms. When this all began last year i collapsed with vertigo and spent five days in hospital. I was diagnosed with Bppv.

They tell me it has nothing to do with the rest of my symptoms which they havent diagnosed as my bloods are sero negative, I am not so sure there is not a connection?

However connection or not its not a good feeling and i am left with residual imbalance after the acute spinning ends......................


Id be getting tested for thyroid hashimotos tests to get tsh ft3 ft4 rt3 antibodies b12 vit d


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