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Sjögren's Solutions

Sjögren's Solutions


After years of visioning, planning and waiting for the right alignment, TASSA is delighted to now launch our new ‘first line of contact’ - Sjögren's Solutions video modules - especially for those freshly diagnosed with Sjögren's as well as for those already living with it.

Sjögren's Solutions is a series of 12 video modules where Bev explains living with Sjögren's from every different aspect and how to manage it. They range from 5-20 minutes and have a total running time of 2.5 hours!

The video series alone offers the public free, in-depth, initial information and procedures to provide a starting place in understanding what it’s all about and what can be done - in general terms. Having watched all the videos, newly diagnosed patients then have the option of joining TASSA with our new $60 Lifetime membership if they want more personal attention.

There’s no known cure for Sjögren's, so it’s a matter of learning how to live with it. Each case is unique and follows a different path at different stages and, once people sign up, Bev can continue to give tailored advice via Skype later, depending on how the disease progresses. All existing TASSA members will convert to Lifetime members on 1/7/14. Family and friends can sign up as Associate Members for just $5 one-time payment.

Bev now provides a comprehensive products page for members when they sign up with everything collected in one place in the right doses and brands, at least to get them started. It’s important in this struggle with Sjögren's to stay committed and follow the advice Bev offers. It can take years and decades for Sjögren's to fully develop and it may take months and years to come back towards balance. But there is immediate relief in finding ways to live with Sjögren’s.

Having Sjögren's Solutions now in place takes a lot of the load off Bev and she is now able to focus more on face-to-face Skype consultations with members while developing TASSA’s membership base and gain government support. And of course, looking after her own health.

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