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Leaks hate them

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So I fell asleep on the couch my diaper was a little wet but it still has some life to it. Or so I thought. I woke up my back and the couch was soaked. My wife was there she didn't say anything. I was so embarrassed.

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I set a timer (Apple Watch has a simple timer) every time I change. I know my pad/diaper needs to be changed in "x" hours. When I make a decision to take a nap or play a round of golf I check my watch and see how much time is left on the pad/diaper... no guessing ... working pretty well!

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Perhaps when you want to take a nap, add a liner to your normal daytime absorbent and that will give you that "extra" you might need for a nap.

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It may be helpful to wear a diaper cover like the gary wear active briefs. This can be really helpful for overflow.

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