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Urinary Incontinence on the boat

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What are the best products to use with male urinary incontinence while sitting on a boat and jumping into the water

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Good question. I do remember seeing swim products on a couple of the product sites (maybe search adult swim diaper).

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I am sharing two links with you for two companies that have swimwear that I know about:continencecentral.org/kes-v...


Hope this helps!

I can't comment on the swimming part, but my husband used pullups when ever he was on his boat after his prostate surgery because he couldn't produce a strong enough stream to get it over the side without most of it splashing onto the deck.He never liked using the toilet inside the boat, it was hidden under the seats inside, so hidden that on our first sail taking the boat back up I had no idea there was a toilet on board, there was just a little placard saying 'head', with an arrow pointing down, I had no idea what it was.

I told Tom I had to pee, he just looked at me with disbelief and said "well I can't exactly stop it out here", we where already out at sea by that point, "just go in the cabin, it will be fine" so I went in the cabin and changed my damp tena lady extra, for a dry maxi night pad and hoped it would absorb all of it.

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