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Post Pregnancy Incontinence

Post Pregnancy Incontinence

It's really sad how many women go through their first pregnancy and have never heard about SUI and the possibility that after going through labor that they are going to have a hard time not dripping or experiencing some urge and stress incontinence. And after months of not getting help, they may eventually find a healthcare professional that will diagnosis the problem and help the young mother. I know that some countries have a pelvic floor rehab program as part of postnatal recovery - but not in the US. And so we have stories like this one.

What's wonderful in this story, is how this young mother finally got the kind of help she needed, and she is well on her way to becoming dry again.

This is definitely a story that highlights how physical therapists (physiotherapists) can change a life!

And creating a strong pelvic floor can start BEFORE pregnancy!

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