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Results from urine culture tested for UTI


Just obtained lab records on urine culture. Enterobacter cloacae complex >100,000 CFU/ML Gram Negative Rod Isolated. Problem started immediately after L5/S1 anterior back fusion done in 2015 with diarrhea. I just assumed due to spinal nerve damage. I have also had constant back pain, and arthritis getting worse all the time. As time progressed, I went from zero UTI, to minimum of 3 bad episodes a week now, with constant ab cramping and diarrhea. Also vaginal irritation. I also had, in 2010, a bladder and rectal sling, which I assumed was breaking down inside causing the problem, or maybe the back surgeon "dislodged" my slings causing something going on.

If I got it by "unsanitary" means, it is hard to believe. I, of all people, won't eat a piece of fruit without washing it first, I won't eat any meat without thorough cooking. I am so particular about my bathroom hygiene it is sometime laughable.

The doctor who ordered the urine culture won't get back with me when I call although I know the hospital who took my urine sample faxed it twice, and I even had to pick up my lab results myself to take to the specialist. Anyway, I finally managed to get an appointment with a urologist for next Wednesday. I can't wait to tell her, when she asks me about antibiotics, how the previous doctor and/or her staff won't comply with anything. Anyway, here is a prime example of why I shouldn't research online about things after reading up on this particular bacteria.

Has anyone else had any experience with this particular infection, and if so any information to impart? I am really scared now and so hope, that if I got something in 2015, that I did not wait too long to get care for this, and that this infection did not do any type of permanent damage.