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My issues

Ok so here is my trouble. I had an atv accident in 2003 and damaged my spinal cord.

I have had several surgeries on my spine. Now I am suffering from more incontinence issues. Mostly at night. I am a side sleeper and the supplies that I have tried always leak. What is the best way to keep the leaks contained so that I can get a good nights rest?


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Several companies are now making products just for nighttime use. I am familiar with companies in the US ... if you are in the US I could list a few and you should be able to get a sample to try from one of the online retailers. Please reply if you'd like me to list a few of them.

I am sure there are others in the community who can also provide some help and ideas here, too.

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I would like to know more about the options available for nighttime.


Thank You , Yes I would like to know about options in the US .


I have no bowel or bladder control for 5 years since a car accident. I use adult briefs full time and don't toilet but do use enemas and suppositories. I want to eliminate my bowels as much at night so I don't have any accidents during the day. Problem is whether my sleep is interupted by a night time urine and fecal accident. I try to sleep through it, but sometimes I have to change and then can't go back to sleep. Alternatively, I can use many wipes in bed and clean up there.

This is hard because after lunch at work, I have a bm. The bowel part of my IC is really the worst. I wear better adult briefs (tena slip maxi, seni quatro, 24/7, etc.) full time with one or two pairs of plastic pants on top - Gary Active brief is the best and black hides and conceals the adult brief well. If I wear two sizes, xs and s, then there are two seals on the legs and waist. If I deficate, I can't smell it and it's contained even if it leaks out the taped brief. The issue is how long can I go without changing? And where do I change? If I mess at work, I usually go home to change and shower. My boss knows what's going on and it's ok. Cleaning bowel loss in a stall in a semi public bathroom is not really an option. Starbucks is a better option but I have to be quick.

I am very curious how others have dealt with this.


Here are a few ideas and I have only listed one source, but most of these are available from numerous online retailers and some would also be available at big box retailers.

TENA makes the TENA Night Super Booster Pad. This is placed inside an adult diaper for extra absorption. (just one of many sources - continencecentral.org/Care_...

NorthCare Care Supply makes a super absorbent nighttime brief. (source - continencecentral.org/North...

Tranquility All-Through-the-Night Disposable Brief (source - continencecentral.org/Dural...

Prevail for Men Overnight (source - continencecentral.org/LiveA...

All of these sources, I am quite sure, will be happy to provide you with a sample first, to make sure the product works for you. Most online retailers want to make sure you get the best product for your type of incontinence. Many offer incentives (discount on the first order, and also discounts on automatic shipments). Don't be afraid to ask about these things, and if the product doesn't work, what else might that they carry? Some online retailers may send you several samples at once, too, to help you select the best product. Rather than buying a whole package and then finding out that it won't work, these online retailers are happy to get you to the right product and then you can purchase more from them.

Depend just came out with an overnight product for women. My guess is that they will be coming out with something for men, too, so you might want to watch for that, too!

I hope something here works for you, keeps you dry, and helps you have a much more comfortable night!

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Hey, I can't say much from the medical perspective, but I'm sure you will get some great advice here. I've been IT for a long time and I know how painful it is, not physically, but mentally. The first step towards overcoming my anxieties was investing in a proper equipment. I have found those try.hexanow.com/55667788/ to be a very good choice nowadays. Next thing that you have to do is don't let the "demons" haunt you. You have to set some goals on what do you in your life, take pleasure. As you had an very serious accident I'm sure you understand it and you won't let some minor IT devastate your life. I was diagnosed just with IT and digestions problems yet I had suicidal thoughts and had days that I just couldn't get out of bed, I lied there depressed and had no reason to live anymore. I couldn't make my mind to tell about it to anyone, but you have overcame some much more drastic moments in your life, therefore I think just from mental side you won't have any problems with this one as well. Wish you all the best!


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