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Does anyone have Sickle Cell Trait and go through crisis? Or am I the only one

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You're not the only one. My pains are not like that of someone with SCD but painful nonetheless. I've been taking supplements daily religiously the past year and my arm, hand and leg pains have reduced significantly. I take zinc, vitamin E, vitamin D and vitamin C along with a multivitamin. Also have osteoarthritis so take liquid Qunol Tumeric daily. It seems to be helping with inflammation because I feel like I have more energy. I've only been using for 4 weeks. I just recently had a flare-up after my body got really tired after 4 days of taking care of my grandkids, a 7 month old and 9 year old, while their parents were out of town. Fever, chills, aches in arms. Had two covid test and was negative so I knew it was a flareup from my body being stressed like when I worked full-time. I was resting every weekend to work the next week. Finally retired at 57...I had to. Ih by the way, no one believed me when i said the pains were frim the trait. I'd been to several doctors since 2010 about the pains I'd have...tested for everything under the sun and only thing I still had was tge sickle cell trait. Don't let anyone tell you that what you're experiencing isn't real, it is. I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in 2019 after all these years but that doesn't explain the pain that's not in my joints. I'm inclined to believe they put the name 'arthritis ' on any pain they can't explain. I was tested at Augusta University twice for the the mid 1980s when I had unexplained blood in my pain but after a scope the doctor told me the blood was coming from my kidney and would stop on its own. It did. Haven't had that happen again but that's when I found out I had the trait...and in 2017 but they only treat SCD patients because they wrongly assume the trait causes no pain. So we're left to fend for ourselves. Know your body, do your own research and take supplements. Also, eat as clean as possible. Good luck

My body swells, negative for COVID. I googled symptoms and it popped up. Hard for me to get out of movement. Worse when I'm at work and sit 6 out of 8 hrs. Doctors try and rule out SCT crisis but don't do the research. I'm borderline anemic. I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. I will start taking supplements. I was diagnosis with SCT at birth and it causes pain off and on especially when it's cold outside or I get overheated.

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