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I can't believe iit

For many years at least 2 decade, I've been in pain.. When I told the doctor I was always in pain she said I was depressed.. I didn't understand that.

Once fibromyalgia surface I thought I had that. Nope. Never thinking I could have a crisis.

Being older now and reading about others with similar symptoms. There might be hope for me.

Being a only child my mom taught me alot about sickle cell, spent alot of time at hospitals and clinics.

At age 45 I'm in pain all the time now I'm swelling. Idk what to do. The only time I can move around and get stuff done is if I do meth. But I can't do that its addictive and illegal.

In pain and confused

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It is unfortunate that you are suffering. I would recommend you go to the doctor and see if there is one who deals with patients that have sickle cell. I haven't had swelling but I had pain from the trait and still suffer from pain. Be well and I hope you get the help you need.


CBD oil works wonders look into it, natural and not bad for your health.


Hey is it safe to fly overseas when suffering from sickle cell? I want to fly but I am worried that it can affect my body in ways that cannot be reversed. Anybody have any insight? Please share!


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