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crisis problem solved

My question was never answered but I have,I think solved the sickling in my chest cavity, I went to my monthly chiropractic where they knew of my sickle cell but dealing with it a mystery as at the time in the back.

I obviously over did the boot camp exercise which I loved but my wife was now beginning to be cautious and suggested I stopped.

The crisis turned out to be just that a bruised area from back of ribs and front mid ribs.

Re; the sickling has relaxed for now!

Fortunately they also have discovered in more detail and were able to relax the muscles from the back to the front and relieve the tension.

To date a few days, I feel just fine but know I cannot over stretch things as I would like to any more !

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Hi kilincli hope you are well. Glad to hear you might have found a solution to your chest crisis. May I ask what kind of boot camp you are talking about? Besides, I think most sickle cell patients have bruising in the middle of their chest and opposite of that area in their spine. I know I do and my doctor said it's very common. It's a good idea not to over do things so your body doesn't get stressed enough for you to have a crisis. Good luck and keep well.


Army style boot camp and have seen doctor but denies the sickle cell center problem.

My chiropractic and have since studied and are helping me


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