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Sickle cell disease weed prescribed

Hi my name is Jetame Edwards and I was trying to see where can I go to get weed prescribed to me and what do I have to have in order to get it

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Sorry I am not sure since I don't smoke.


It depends on which state you live in. There are some that it is recreational, so you can just go to a dispensary and purchase some. There are medical marijuana allowed in some states, you would just make a appointment for a Dr that is licenced to prescribe medical marijuana for a fee of $25 ish. Some states like where I live in Oklahoma you are able to openly by CBD products. CBD basically has all the good stuff from marijuana except no THC so there is no high involved. My husband just passed from sickle cell last November and CBD products was one of the best things for his pain and depression. So it just depends on where you live

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