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Pros and Cons of Popular Diets for Cancer Patients

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Hi, I saw this fascinating article today that I wanted to share. I know a lot of people affected by cancer make big changes to their diet. This is the first time I've seen the pros and cons of so many different popular diets explained and backed up with research.

SHARE did a webinar with dietitians from God's Love We Deliver about nutrition tips for cancer patients and their advice was simple. Stick to a plant-based diet, eat more whole foods and fewer refined foods. Take a look here:

Have you ever tried a special diet or changed your eating habits because of your cancer diagnosis?

Best wishes, Stephanie

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My oncologist told me reading about special diets was a complete waste of time. Said if there was a special diet they would tell everyone to follow it. He said eat healthy because you should but there are no foods that are going to help keep cancer away.

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