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I was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma of the right breast with a3cm lump. I took 4 chemo treatments that were massive in hopes of shrinking the tumor and now after the 4 treatments they tell me it is gone.. now they wanted me to take Taxol in case there happened to be any cancer cells anywhere in my body for which they said this Taxol will eliminate. I took one treatment of 376cm and was absolutely knocked off my feet- I would pass out on standing, could not walk from one room to another and was dizzy for several days. It took 3 weeks to get my vitals high enough that I might be able to have another treatment.. I had 1/3 dose and my vitals plummeted again. I ask my dr about admitting me to the hospital where I could be watched and let me have another treatment but he said no.. I am trying to find other people that have had this same thing happen to them and what their final outcome was. The oncology nurse told me there wasn't anything else I could take.. does anyone know how I can get around this drug or what it might be replaced with? Thanks

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I have had a few helpline callers that have had this happened to them. Some women are just very sensitive to medication and have adverse side effects. You could talk to your doctor about getting taxotere Taxotere which is part of taxane family might be less harsh to you system but it works similarly to Taxol. Also someone wrote online on the Dana Farber site about "Denses"

Desens patients typically receive a protocol of drugs to prepare their bodies for the drug that was otherwise unfriendly to their system. Once the body is made stronger, the pesky drug is infused at such a slow pace that the body is essentially tricked into accepting it.

It might be something to look into but only an oncologist knows best


Ritabo, just wanted to let you know you might also want to try on the breast cancer community at A user named dennio there wrote about taking Taxol, and several others were diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma. Best of luck <3


Hi I have finished all my chemo and would like to say the whole time I had problems with runny bloody stuff coming out of my nose and when I would have to blow my nose I would need a men's handkerchief if out in public or sometimes use paper towels because I had so much and it would be so bloody.But since finishing my treatments it has eased up a lot! I had surgery on 3/24/17 and there was no cancer in the lymph node nor in the lump! Praise God! I will be going back this week to see how many Radiation treatments I will have to have! My family and I are just so thankful about the outcome of what I / we have had to endure over the last 8 months- so I will be positive to anyone just now starting out on this journey- keep your thoughts positive and pray and trust God for His will in your life. Thanks everyone


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