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My oncologist doesn’t feel mammograms are necessary since I’m being treated for MBC. I’ve had a partial mastectomy of my right breast, chemo and radiation in 2005. It metastasized to both lungs in 2016. I had massive chemo again. Now I’m on Letrozole and Ibrance and everything is stable. But I wanted to get a mammogram/sonogram since I have breast tissue. Am I being paranoid or cautious?

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I get mammograms. Had lumpectomy.

hello 🌸 a treat to say hello. Last Friday, just ask my oncologist. She told me if you should do mammography. The same I am with Ibrance and letrizole. Happy day 🎀💕

My oncologist states that I don't need a mom organ, since I have a PET scan every three months and that picks up any cancer spots, so it's a waste of time and money to have an extra test. I, too have 4th stage breast cancer, bone, lung and liver METS. This was the advice I received, hope this helps you! Good luck to you!

Purple60 in reply to Klamato

Yes I have gotten the same advice of no mammo since I get PET Scans more frequently


I don't think you are being paranoid at all. As well as your oncologist, have you had a chance to ask your GP about whether it would be a good idea to have a mammogram? I don't know the answer to your question, as I have not asked about having a mammogram since I had my first one last year. I am seeing my GP on the 16th for my next treatment, so I shall jot that down and ask her to see what she has to say.

Sophie x

Hi, my onc also told me that I don’t need monogram any more! Instead he order CT scan from my chest and pelvis.

I had an appointment come through for a mammogram but as I'd just had a ct scan which showed no progression I asked my oncologist if I needed it, he said no. A fortnight after my appointment with the oncologist I found a breast lump. The nurse told me that I needed to see the oncologist as ct scans don't pick up breast abnormalities.

The lump was confirmed and I've been told that it is probably cancer and to have it checked again in 3 months time. If it's grown it will be biopsied to confirm. The oncologist is hoping that the meds I'm on will get rid of it. If it grows I may be offered radiation but surgery isn't an option.

The oncologist wasn't particularly concerned or interested. Seems that there is no special treatment for breast lumps, and they aren't on a vital organ, which is probably why some oncologists don't feel mammograms are necessary.

Barbteeth in reply to Julie2233

That makes sense to me as we are already in the treatment

Barb xx

My doc said yes, definitely because mammograms are much better at seeing through breast tissue than a CT scan. Even though there is no special treatment for them they need to know they are there and watch their progression or lack of as well. Elaine

I was told by my local oncologist and the one I go to at Moffitt Cancer Center that I do not need mammograms anymore, because I am being treated for breast cancer and will always be treated for it since I am stage 4. The breast cancer in my lungs is more of a concern. Blessings, Hannah

My oncologist (and I verified with my radiologist) agrees ... with regular pet scans, mamo not needed

Hello halfpint2. You are looking great. I haven’t had a mammogram but have had two pets that show everything so I felt like it was a waste . My onc hasn’t said anything but I might ask on next visit. Mine disappeared on this treatment showing scar tissue only and tight nodule is gone too. All other stabilized dried up on my leg and only one lymph nodes reacts. These meds are wonderful even though the side effects are terrible-Hang in there!!

Hi ! I recently had a mammogram on my non- affected left side ( after a recent breast reduction) but no mammogram on the right side where I have had a mastectomy / immediate reconstruction . However I couldn’t say what is normal protocol . And I don’t know if it was requested by my lady surgeon who I was under at the time, or by my onc?

My onc gives me a general overview of my ct scan when I see her after my ct scans ie., stable , but doesn’t go through the radiographer’s confidential report in its detail with me . She sends both myself and my GP a letter outlining my overall result and discussions we have had / agreed at the appointment . (However my GP has printed one off for me when I have requested it ).

What does your onc do ? Do you ladies get a copy of the radiographer’s report? Or a more general letter ? x

Hi Teddielottie. Personally my oncologist gives me a copy of the actual report and we sit down and review the actual films together too. However saying that I was a nurse for over 30 years and am very familiar with reading radiographic films and interpreting reports and don't over react when I see certain wording etc. We have also had a previous professional relationship. Honestly I think if you don't have medical knowledge and you trust your oncologist an overall review of key points is likely the way to go to cause most people unnecessary stress.


Hi Sandra , you are very lucky to have that special relationship with your onc . I trust mine ... she calls a spade a spade! ...and is prepared to do what’s right for the individual . I’m treated on the NHS in the U.K. so I don’t think patients get as much time with their oncs as they do in eg ., the US ., but I have been happy with all the treatment I have had to date . Resources are more limited here but it is free for all , which I am grateful for. x

Yeah, I thought the same as your doctor and didn't want to do them any more. Then I got a second primary breast tumor that was detected on a mammogram (I had no idea it was there). The characteristics of that tumor was different and that allowed me to go on anti-HER2 drugs. So, yeah. Do the mammograms.

Personally I think a mammogram is a waste of least it was for me. My golf ball sized tumor wasn't seen on a mammogram. Not until I saw a surgeon did anyone pay attention to me thinking something wasn't right...I do still suffer through a mammo on my other side but that's because I also get an ultrasound & my insurance won't cover one without the other...

I don’t do mammograms any more. I have a trace of cancer in the remaining breast, but my oncologist relies on the PET scans, which I get every 3 months. Why absorb even more radiation? I’m comfortable with this plan.

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