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hola, my results from pet scan


Hi Everyone,

My pet scan shows, that the majority of the cancer spots are stable, except for two spots on left hip and upper thigh are slightly brighter. I am encouraged that it shows improvement. Meanwhile, my nails are going to heck and my hair is thinning more and more, but I can't have it all (wink). Doc suggested I stay on current treatment, get rechecked in about 3 or so months. How is everyone else doing. Welcome by the way, to all new members.

Love and blessings to all,


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Hi Sue

That’s great...stable is what we want to hear..obviously your oncologist is happy or he/she would change treatment..mine are stable at the moment as well

I’m quite vain so I have hair extensions and gel nails...this is all relatively recent when it dawned on me from the ladies on here..that maybe I might be around for a while so I had better make an effort

I know it’s all superficial in the scheme of things and not important really but if I look reasonably normal I.e not sick then it just gives me a boost

I think my antidepressants are finally starting to work but it’s taken 4 weeks and I still have a cry most days

All the best to you

Barb xx

Hi Barb Great to hear your medication is kicking in. The tone in your post certainly indicated it is. Well done you for tackling it and sharing. Crying is sometimes cathartic and why not given the position we are all in, as long as hopefully you feel better afterwards.

Thank you for mentioning hair extensions, you have spurred me on as my hair is now a mess, very thin and bald patches from the radiation to my brain. I have twice tried to go into a salon which offers extensions but stopped at the last minute. In truth for no other reason than I might get disappointed that there is not enough to work on, or if they could as I have told very few of my diagnosis, bring questions.

I was virtually a recluse when the effects of the massive steroids following my brain radiation kicked in. Having virtually gained a stone in weight overnight and a moon face. Thankfully both weight and face back to normal now.

On another note, have you ever referred to or discussed with your oncologist whether alcohol could affect results? Mine, due to religion doesn’t drink so I have not asked. I drink wine or fizz but no spirits.It is though something I enjoy most days but certainly reduced since diagnosis and medication.

Best wishes


So happy about you scan results! Stable is a wonderful thing! Continue d good scans!

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Yes, thank you ♥

Excellent news Sue! Stable is always good and now you can relax and breath easier for a few months. I know easier said that done as I find every ache that I feel now I think the worst when in reality it is just normal wear and tear and I would have had them without this disease and not given them a second thought. I have repeat scans in 2 weeks so there is always that scan anxiety but I feel good at the moment and hoping that translates into a stable scan as well....fingers and toes crossed for myself. Take care.


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Yes, I'll definitely be thinking of you as you get your scan done ♥. As you say I can relax, scan anixety is bound to happen.

So happy to hear your news. Just hearing there is improvement or no progression is great news. You can stop worrying for awhile.

Great news💕


Yeh thank you ♥♥

Good news is always a blessing! Congrats!

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♥ thank you

Delighted to hear your news. I am hoping for the same myself.

I have my results on Tuesday following a whole body Ct scan. Mets in .multiple places) but blood tests to date have show meds ( Ibrance and letrezone) bringing down markers. The MRI scan to the brain, to see if the stereotactic radiotherapy I had in December ( I had treatment in Germany) has totally eradicated them.

My already fine hair has thinned and continues to do so, which I accepted as a small price to pay for my life but the radiotherapy to the head has caused patches of total hair loss. In the words of my (lovely) sister I now have to have a comb over job. Looks passable when no wind!

Whatever happens on Tuesday, I am going to follow Barbteeths example and have hair extensions and gel nails as mine have become very brittle and keep breaking and I have to keep them short.

Good luck and good news to everyone awaiting results.

What support this site is.


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Will be thinking of you this Tuesday. Hair extensions and gel nails great idea!

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Thank you.xx

That’s awesome news regarding your scan!! My hair has thinned also and I have thin hair to begin with. I use Nioxin shampoo and conditioner for thinning hair. I has helped however it’s not a cheap shampoo. My nails are another story...very brittle, chip and split easily and they are discolored. I do take biotin but nothing seems to help. I just try to keep them painted at all times.

Best of luck!!

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Thank you, thank you for the shampoo heads up ♥. Hope you have a good week, hang in there.

Pet scan this week

Blood test a little scary

Questionable cough

Altogether freaked out.

That's great Sue. Stable is good!!


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