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I am on the third month of Ibrance, hit me like a ton of bricks. Zapped all of my energy. I am 63 and still working was hoping to hang in a little longer, however, might be best to go out on disability? Any insights?

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Was it that bad first two times?


You could trying to go to a lower dose. There is some evidence that, if it works, it works. It doesn't seem to make a difference between taking 125, 100 or 75. I would go to 100 and see if it helps. There is also the possibility that the side effects may pass or lessen with time. If it were me (and I've gone from 125 to 100 due to GI issues), I would reduce the dosage to 100 or 75 and see if it helps. If the SE pass, you could always try going back to the full dosage.


I’ve been on Ibrance for 16 months, am 60, and work. In addition to my onc, I’ve been going to a complementary medicine and acupuncture doctor. She gave me a ton of supplements.

It helps some.

Mostly, I am strategic about my energy usage. I take it one day at a time. I teach 3rd grade, so I try to take a rest right after school before I grade papers or whatever. I usually don’t exercise on the days I work. I swim (hard) on the weekends and breaks. But I don’t do much else on those days because it tires me out. Those days I take a serious nap.

I would see if you can take little rest breaks throughout your day.


I retired early and am on my 4th round of Ibrance. I still do a lot of things but am taking it easier than when I worked. Retiring was a great decision for me, but I had to move and sell my house to make it work. I am still on 125 mg, and it’s starting to wear me out, so l may go lower in the future.

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I also find I'm exhausted on Ibrance. Especially the last days in my 21 day cycle. Sometimes even worse on weeks off when my platelets are low! But I thank God we have Ibrance!


Vivian I felt that way too until 2weeks ago— on 4th cycle but better. My legs are weak and body sore but then I have arthritis and scoliosis too. I think I will start a tea with ginger turmeric and cinnamon sticks boiled. It helps the pain. I hope you feel better soon. I just applied for disability but am on social security since 2017.


Hello Vivian, I had fatigue in the beginning but not so much now. I take a super B complex as well as a shot of Fire Cider everyday. I am finishing up cycle 6 this week. I do feel a little cranky the first couple of days on my week off of Ibrance but it passes. It doesn't seem to affect my platelets just wbc's and neutrophils. I work 3-4 days a week on my feet moving. My tumor markers continue to trend down so hang in there. I have read about decreasing the dose and having same results. This may be a good option for you. Best of luck to you. Keep us posted. This site has such great information.


I'm 60 and on cycle 13 of 125 mg Ibrance and Letrozole. My MBC is in my bones. The Ibrance and Letrozole have created wonderful off the charts fantastic results for me. Seriously.

I take Propolis 1000 , 1 a day w/ other vitamins. I believe the Propolis helps to keep my WBC up. Also what you eat and how you prepare it is pivotal to how much energy you have.

My advice is to stay on the Ibrance, I will say for me, I just started to feel like my energy is coming back at the 12th cycle.

That has a lot to do with breaking my arm a year ago, which is how my MBC was discovered. That injury wiped me out.

On top of the fact I'm completely on my own with very little financial resources and no family.

As far as transitioning to disability, in my opinion it depends on how much you love your work and how much it would impact your financial security.

Eating healthy and lots of small meals will help to stabilize your energy.

If you decide to transition to disability, you will then have the time to create a whole new schedule filled with great support options for building your strength, focus and endurance to embrace your life fully while now living with MBC.

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Remember a GALLON of water daily!! Huge help and what Pfzier suggests for Ibrance


I am 65 working full time- cannot afford to retire. First time I took ibrance 125 I could not handle it and dr stopped it. This time I am on 75 and going into fifth cycle. It is tolerable. I am tired after day of work but it is manageable. I also get faslodex and xygeva- usually on Friday afternoon so I can sit on a heating pad that night and rest the weekend.


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