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Confused and scared!

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Hi everyone ! I have been on faslodex and ibrance for two and a half years for bone Mets, doing well. My recent scan however had a new update in the chest wall, posterior right rib and several areas in the left rib. Then the report goes on yo state probable muscle spasm. I did have a lower back spasm about two weeks before the scan, horrible pain, barely able to walk! I went to the chiropractor for a full week for treatment and it improved. I am wondering if that could have contributed to the details in the scan? My doctor was not too concerned and said it could be likely to the back injury but we will do another scan in February. My 15-3 marker was the same this month as last. I have no pain but who knows!!! Just sharing to get it off my chest and thanks to whoever reads this post! Bless u all!

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Hi Epinto!

The fact that your oncologist does not seem overly concerned about the scan results sounds promising, don't you think? As you say, maybe the results are because of the muscle spasm you had from the back injury and has nothing to do with progression of the disease. I hope so for you! If you are worried, I would ask to speak to your oncologist again so that he can go over the results in more detail with you.

Take care,

Sophie x

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Thank u for your reply. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed!

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You're welcome! I hope that your appointment goes well and you get some good news. x

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Thank u and for yourself as well. Happy holidays!

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Thank you! I try my best to stay positive and to celebrate each victory. When my first post-diagnosis scan showed I was stable and the primary tumour was shrinking I was so happy! My husband and I went out to lunch to celebrate. x

Hi Epinto, Inflammation can show things sometimes that are normal. Maybe you moved during your scan? Sorry to hear about your back spasm. Great news about your TM’s!

Sending hugs to you xo

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Epinto in reply to Sunnydaz

Thanks for your reply. Will try to not think about this until it is conclusive!

Your onc isnt concerned. Crazy to say but try to relax. Sending hugs and strenghth!

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Epinto in reply to mariootsi

Thank you and blessings to u as well.

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If my oncologist is happy then I’m happy.

We are here for each other!

Wish you good days and happy moment's along with the such ones.

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Epinto in reply to NPmary

Thank you and same to u. Thanks for your kind response!


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