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I know there aren't alot of you on this but was wondering if any of you have gotten a rash on your arms. I haven't gotten the dreaded stuff on the palms of my hands and souls of my feet but have a red rash on my arms. My doctor said it's a side effect and prescribed a topical steroid ointment but it doesn't seem to be helping. Just wondering what someone else's experience might have been.

Thanks ladies.

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I did get a rash on my arms almost immediately - not helped by the fact that I was in the game reserve in high summer for two weeks so sun exposure was not a good thing. I was given a steroid cream (Dovate in South Africa) to mix with E45 cream and it worked well as long as I kept out of the sun. So gardening was done in long sleeves in High summer for a couple of weeks and then it went away.

The hand foot thing did eventually come after about 5 months in the form of very dry skin on forefinger and thumb sides and balls of feet but it never really bothered me to any great extent and I used copious amounts of a lanolin cream and milking salve (cheap from the local vet!) which was a a bit sticky but worked very well.

Hope you can cope with this as I found it an acceptable form of treatment - sadly I only managed a year on it before progression but good luck to you.

Kimr2081 in reply to Hidden

Thanks for the feedback. Not sure what E45 cream is but wonder if I can get my hands on some. It's fall or something along those lines here in So California so am wearing long sleeves to cover it up. It doesn't look horrendous but bugs me. Guess I shouldn't be so vain. I hope you are on something that is working for you better. Hope this works for me as the hormonal therapies quit working for me. Take care.

I got a rash all over my torso, arms, legs and scalp very early on so my onc told me to take a loratadine 10mg every day to counteract the allergic reaction. It’s worked for almost 3 years now so maybe ask your doc if you can try it. Beat not being able to take the drug

Kimr2081 in reply to BeckyHobson

Thanks Becky. I will ask him.

kit5 in reply to BeckyHobson

love to hear that xeloda is working for you after three years! i am super hopeful on this - very few side effects and cancer is retreating! some women stay on it for 10 years!

i'll trade you the rash for the feet pain. it is affecting my golf game, my hiking and my ability to stay thin via exercising away my calories! weird stuff happens on xeloda...but my cancer showed a 25% regression after 2 months, so i'll take the oozing toenails and the peeling hands!!

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