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Faslodex Injection

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Dear all brave and caring sisters, my mom has received 2 doses of Faslodex; on 21/8 and today 4/9. No unusual discomfort throughout the first jab. Do hope the same goes to the rest of the jabs. My mom said only very slight pain during the injections, no discomfort after injectio. I was with her for the 2 jabs and i believe by doing below steps, can reduce the pain a lot, real a lot!! 1. Warm the prefilled syringes well, as many sisters have suggested. 2. Ask the nurse if can use smaller needles. My mom nurse use smaller needle instead of the 2 scary big needles which come with the pack. With smaller needles, she need more strength to administer the drug; and this make the delivery time longer. In return, these helps to reduce the pain. Hope these tips helps those sisters that are taking this jabs. Take good care Sisters!!

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Thank you for sharing this Nelsonyong!

I have been taking Faslodex for 5 months now. I really had pain the first few times. Now they just are slightly uncomfortable. I also take the weight off the side she is injecting. I have put weight on so of course that helps. I hope your Mom does well. Is she on Faslodex only? At this time I’m just taking Faslodex. Thanks

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Hi Clair, thanks for your reply. Yes my mom is with Faslodex only. So far tolerated well. Pray that it works. How was your scan? I trust everything fine. Take care.

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