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True or false

I was told that there is a vaccine for mbc, do anyone know if this is true? I have been praying and praying for this to happen. It's right around the corner, I hope and pray this is true.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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A vaccine would be great for mbc, I have not heard of it. Vaccines are great for prevention not once you contact a disease. Just like when your kids you get them so if you come in contact with say chicken pox’s. Vaccines don’t help once you get a disease. It would be great for any women that gets breast cancer to get a vaccine for mbc if it excised, I have not heard of one yet.


Thanks clair! I guess I got so excited I didn't think about it like that. I got it from someone who goes to the mbc seminars and she told me a mbc vaccine.


There is a clinical trial in place to look at a vaccine for MBC. You can google this to find the specifics.


Yes when your not already stage 4! That’s great for women who are not yet staged. A vaccine only works when you are not yet exposed. Like vaccine for chicken pox, a vaccine does no good if you have chicken pox. Or HIV vaccine is great if you haven’t been exposed. If your high risk get a vaccine. I didn’t think I was high risk for Breast Cancer, to late once your straight stage 4. But I still can’t believe everyone women with breast cancer wouldn’t be getting that trial, or trying. I hope it’s true, since they have no idea how mbc hides or starts I think it’s almost impossible for vaccine.


No it's for women and men who are mbc, goggle it!! They injected 90 mice and 87 mice tumors shrunk. This vaccine is for MBC!! They are doing clinical trails on 15 people

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