Its so weird having good days and bad days after breast cancer dx. even 2 years later...Today I have energy..tomorrow maybe not. Today I have minimal pain and minimal side effects from tamoxifen, tomorrow maybe not. Im so grateful that im a survivor and tomorrow maybe not. I am learning to take it day by day and except that I am different. Pray hard and then I pray Harder. Love that I can vent to people that understand.

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  • Understand completely. I finished TAC in January and this week have really felt stronger like maybe the fatigue is dissipating??!! But on day 14 of 30 of radiation, so I figure I'm not really done with fatigue. Some days are great, and the next zapped and pity party day...but still fighting!!!

  • This is so true! Some days I feel mostly normal, but others, so weak and tired I can barely stay awake despite normal amounts of exercise and sleep. My two year anniversary will be 8/17, and I was a stage 2b (one node+) IDC ER+ PR+. You are NOT alone!

  • I finished chemo Jan 2016. Had double mastectomy, then implants got infected and were removed that summer.

    Since then, I have experienced so much fatigue. I don't know if it's depression, poor eating habits, lack of exercise, chemo, or combination of everything.

    I sleep a lot. I can nap for 2 hours during the day, and still sleep a full night. Sometimes, when I'm out w/friends & family, I feel like closing my eyes and nodding off.

    How long does this fatigue last?

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