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All alone

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I'm so alone, depressed.just finished my 4 months of chemo.I have 4th stage breast cancer,matizised to stomach and bones.I wish this cancer would hurry up and kill me,I have no support,none!!!about to be homeless.I just don't know where to turn.I guess I have to buy a car and live in it.I'm just helpless.where do I turn.can anyone help.I'm 57 ain't going to make it to 60.does anyone care

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Hi Cindy, Try AnaOno Intimates. I'm not sure whether they have what you're looking for, but they cater to breast cancer survivors. Good luck! Joan

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You might also try Amoena They have dozen of different styles in lingerie for someone to choose from

Dear are not alone. Please call your oncologist's office or The American Cancer Society in your area for help and or referrals for help TODAY. They can provide support for you. I've just finished 4 cycles of TAC and am going this morning to the radiology oncologist to schedule 6 weeks of radiation. This is scary and frankly I've had a hard time getting my mind around not having more chemo...because of the side effects I was having, they decided to not go forward with two more cycles. We all go through being scared, helpless, and feeling alone. I am praying for you to reach out and ask for help. I know that is very hard to do for some people, I am one of them. Your doctor's office or ACS can get you the help you need. They deal with these kinds of needs all the time. Reach out and they WILL help. If you read the threads on this site, you will see there are many of women going through journey. I'm praying for you.

You're not alone found us. I urge you to call SHARE's toll-free helpline (844-275-7427). Not only do they have amazing volunteers (all breast cancer survivors) who can listen and offer advice, but they can offer suggestions about organizations that can help you. The best of luck to you.

Please know that you are not alone We are here to give all women with breast cancer support. The first step is to speak to a social worker of nurse navigator at your hospital They have a listing of resources to help you Also your hospital or the American Cancer Society might have temporary lodgings for you during the time that you are in treatment. There are a couple of foundations which give funds to women who are stage 4 If you are religious you could also contact your local church for help Sometime The Salvation Army is a good place to turn to. If you live in the US a SHARE volunteer can give you both financial and emotional resources to get you through

You are not alone Friend. I am new at this. Was just just diagnosed less than 2 weeks. However, I am renowned for my "scrounging" abilities. Will be looking on internet for agencies that can help. Please know that we are with you.

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Sorry Cancerpatient for my initial reply. I thought you were someone else asking about mastectomy bras. With that said, I'm also sorry about your diagnosis. We are all in the same boat cancerwise, but the effects are felt more when a person is alone. Some of the women hear made good suggestions, such as speaking with a social worker at your doctor's office, or if you're in a private practice, ask to speak with the social worker at the hospital your oncologist is affiliated with. A social worker can point you in the right direction. Hang in there! Many hugs, Joan

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Thank you.I have no energy ti go see anyone for help.I am always in pain with my stomach,and is comming to see me,and I just haven't been able to get out and yea there is just no-one that can help me.thanks for trying to help

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Thanks,but I can't even ride a bus for a social worker,my back hurts to bad.I don't have a car,no-one will take me anywhere,so there is no hope for me.I just have to relize I'm doing this all's nice to be able to talk on here,I don't feel as alone

Cancerpatient, rest assured you are not alone! I can associate very well that you can feel alone when you don't see people, etc. I am presently bedridden, due to an accident that left me w/very limited & little use of my legs. No visitors, even though I have a son & his family fairly close by. Only one I see is my caregiver, who doesn't seem to be a replacement for family or friends. But this does not mean I am alone emotionally, as I have found numerous friends & allies on this website and a couple of others. Believe it or not, it does help to know there are lots of others going through the same thing! Rely on them, learn from them and please accept their advice, help, encouragement and concern. They are sincere! So please make a few calls, even if you can't go anywhere & do not be shy about asking for the help you need at this time & throughout the horrendous journey!! You have found us, so that's a start! Keep it up!!

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Thank you.I can't imagine what your going through.I'm glad to find you all to talk to on here.I can't stand my back pain,I'm not use to pain,this is all new to me.I'm sure my pain is from a tumor on my spine,I just hope it has shrunk,I will know by end of next week.I wish none of us had to go through pain.

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I really agree about the pain!! But it's not so bad to rely on pain relievers! Believe me, I know! And if it makes you feel less or no pain at all, go for it. If the OTC ones aren't strong enough, do not be afraid to ask your Dr!! Think about it! Also, do you do crafts or have any hobbies or do you like to read--all ways to occupy your mind while you're waiting, etc. Funny story---I love to crochet & I had started an afghan, with the intention of making it large enough for a king sized bed. No problem. Done it before! But in this whole long process, I have been working on it. Well.... apparently when I am more worried than other times, I tend to make tighter stitches, so I ended up with one side shorter than the other!!! So the days when I am really uptight, I have learned to find other ways to occupy my mind---tv is seldom off (I only doze an hr or so all night!), I organize my recipes, coupons (anything I can from bed!), and, of course, when I can, I read ( I have to be in the right mood to read!). My point is anything to stop your mind from worrying copy sales, games, whatever. It does help. Whatever works for you is the right thing!! Hang in there, cancerpatient, read what others are saying, take solace in their kind words and most important know you are not all alone & you won't be as long as you stay with these sites because we're not only with you, but we are all rooting, wishing, thinking and praying with you & for you!

Love ya


Dial 911 or is it 999 in the UK get someone there to take you to the hospital Once you are there the ball will start rolling A social worker can step in and see to your needs A doctor can give you meds to relieve the pain. There is no need for you to suffer. You should at least have a visiting nurse go to your home to help you if you don't want to go to the hospital There is help out there If I knew where you lived I could possible help you to get the help you need Please reach out to us Please believe us when we say that we care

Yes, Cancerpatient, I echo everyone above-- you are not alone here. I'm sorry you're in so much pain. If you want to try it out, there's a way to locate members of this community or our metastatic breast cancer community who might be nearby you. If you make a connection with someone it might make you feel better. You can message me to figure out how to do it-- but it's on your Newsfeed on the righthand side. Sending you lots of compassion and strength <3

I am so sorry things are so bad for you..but yes there are places that will help. But I am going thru chemo also have finished first session ..doing 12 more weeks finishing end of April..but I am single at. Age 65. But I contacted the American Cancer Society they told me they help women with cancers to find a place to live

She said that they have homeless women no place to live and some with no ins..

But God Bless you and I will Keep you in my prayers

No place I can live,unless someone buys me a travel trailer.that's not going to happend.there is no help for me.not around here.guess I need to go to a church,but they can't help either

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I found the Share helpline useful when I was going through my ordeal. You don't have to pack it all in---there is always hope when there is life.

Also ABCD, After Breast Cancer Diagnosis has phone help.

Oh I am so sorry to hear of your situation. I agree with the others. Call and reach out for help. Try to stay strong.

I just saw your post. How are you doing. I am 65 diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer May 2016. It has been a difficult year. Starting Radiation in couple of weeks.

I am struggling also. All the help you hear about is just not there. I have called so many places for assistance. But I hope you are not homeless and doing well..

God Bless you


Hi Cancerpatient, I was diagnosed with cancer and made homeless at the same time. I went to the local housing office and explained my situation and they gave me a homeless apartment to stay in until I managed to get my own place, it took nine months. At times , I felt so low, I thought about ending it myself, but I had a young daughter to care for, so I had to go on.

I thought like you, that no-one cares. I was wrong.

. People who I didn't know gave me their old furniture as I had nothing. I felt very humbled by their care and attention.

I got through all my treatments, chemo, surgery and radiotherapy.

I take each day as it comes and try to make the best at what I have.

People do care, I care .

Keep going and make the most of each day. Tell people about your situation and you will be surprised at the people who care and will try to help.

Don't give up, I didn't and I am still here.

All the best wishes.

Thank you for caring.I'm doing much better now,still have stomach pain,probably always will,as I have tumors in my stomach.I want my port out,but they want it to stay in for another year.I an glad I have her poitive,it is slow growing.I'm on a estrogen pill,which is keeping my tumors at bay.I just hope I have at least 10 more years.hope your doing well

You r not alone! Where do you live now?

There are a lot of places and resources that you can find help. If you give a bit more info I would be glad to see if I can help you find help.

Yes i do. Im 53 with breast cancer. Sorry im not in your shoes. Cant imagine dealing with all your problems while dealing with cancer god bless you i will pray for you for a miracle. Feeling alone doesnt matter even if their is people by your side. There lives continues and yours stops. They only want you around if you are well. Also taking care of yourself when not well isnt a joke. Cancer kill us in and out

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