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Has anyone heard of or used H2ORS, oral rehydration solution? Here's a link

I am on my 3rd cycle of TAC for breast cancer with 3 more to go, then radiation. During the week after chemo I am so fatigued, no appetite, very weak I can hardly get out of bed. I got very dehydrated. Ginger Ale is about the only that I can drink. I eat Popsicles and jello, but anything else tastes awful. I came across this product on Google, and thought I might try it. I have type 2 diabetes so Gatorade isn't really a choice for me. I did try pedialyte but that was awful. Anybody use this product?

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  • I did ask my oncologist about this product. Heven had not heard of it, but approved it for me to try. I've ordered a 4 pack to try and I'll let you know how it works. It should be before my next chemo at the end of next week. Its,a bit pricey, but when I need it most, I'm not eating usually, figure it'll Balance out.

  • Mabethea/warrior/ I feel your pain, chemo treatment can be difficult. There was a time 9 and a half years ago when I had aggressive chemo and,I didn't want to eat ,but I did because I knew my family and loved ones would worry. I also ate to keep my strength up and , to prevent my doctor from prescribing me steroids to keep my weight up. When I did eat everything started to taste like metal/ rusted metal, and then eventually I couldn't taste anything at all.I ate the most unhealthy fast food, because #1 my husband couldn't cook to save his life (smile), #2 my weight would not have stayed up with the healthy food I was use to making and consuming prior to chemo, and #3 like you I was in too much discomfort to prepare my own meals. I just kept imagining that the unhealthy food I was eating at the time tasting like the very healthy delicious food I ate prior to chemo. I prayed and looked forward to the day I could once again taste and enjoy my favorite foods . What doesn't break you will only make you stronger. Stay strong warrior. I pray for God's super natural healing in your body. P.s. put natural ginger in your teas and water to help calm your stomach, also try to grate natural ginger into the foods you eat.Take probiotics to replace the good bacteria that chemo targets and destroys as it also destroys the cancer cells.Your job is to fight and not give up. God will do the rest. amen, amen and yes amen XoXoXoXoXoXoXo

  • Do to your words of wisdom, I have made myself eat more this round. Have also discovered I think the more hydratedyou are, the better your appetite. Although I can't say I'm ever really hungry. Thank you!

  • I received my 4 count order. It has a very salty taste, not overly citrus. I added Crystal light lemonade as I drank it down. Second drink I just used 500ml of prepared Crystal Light. This tasted better. I'm on day 2 of cycle 4!. I believe once I start to have metallic taste return, and no appetite and having a hard time drinking, I will be able to sip on this.

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