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Tom Brokaw: Learning to Live With Cancer

An Article from the New York Times

For most of my adult life I have answered the question “Occupation?” with one word: journalist. I still do, but now I am tempted to add a phrase. Cancer patient.

Three years ago, at age 73, I learned that I had an incurable cancer called multiple myeloma. At the time the statistical life span for patients with the disease was five years.

That number has not changed, but I have. After three years of chemotherapy, a spinal operation that cost me three inches of height, monthly infusions of bone supplements and drugs to prevent respiratory infection, I am now almost as close to 80 as I was to 70 at the time of the diagnosis. I have lived 60 percent of those five years.

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Good article on how having a cancer diagnosis can change your life, but reminds you about what really matters.


Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Reminds me what a fine human being and journalist Tom Brokaw is. And also, that he's one of us: cancer patient.


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