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Keeping Chemo Patients Away From HospitalsIs 'Come Home' ready for prime time?




ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. -- Over the years, oncologist Barbara McAneny, MD, had grown increasingly frustrated with what hospitals were doing to her patients.

Every time chemotherapy complications sent someone to an emergency room, which happens all too often, "they'd come out a little bit worse, each time just another step down in their quality of life."

by Cheryl Clark

Senior Staff Writer inewsource/MedPage Today

November 11, 2016

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I love this. Hope it's part of a new trend. Gotta keep folks with compromised immune systems out of the hospitals as much as possible.

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Almost 9 years ago I was diagnosed with stage II triple negative metastatic breast cancer. Back then I would have to take my chemo infusions at the Lindenwood HIP HMO center in Brooklyn, N.Y. The set up at that center years ago was horrible. All chemo patients had to walk through an urgent care emergency room type waiting area , where other people who had the flu/colds and other contagious diseases/ailments were in the waiting area. If I, or, any other chemo patient had to use the bathroom, we would have to drag our I.V. pole with us into the bathroom stall. Yet the bathroom that was closer to us and, away from the other people who were waiting to see an urgent care doctor. was locked and could only be used by the medical staff. Twice during my chemo my treatment I had to stop/delay my treatment, because I got the flu and , my white blood count was unstable. Thank God I have not had to ever visit that urgent care center since, I have such a negative memory of that center from so many years ago. God is good I am cancer free now almost 9 years. My oncologist at the time, at that same center I had my I.V. chemo Dr. Mark Grand said I was going to die at least three times, even If I had the aggressive chemo and radiation he was going to prescribe. Well Dr. God had/has the last word, and I am truly living testimonial. I am truly living a joyful life, sometimes trying to do too much.We all have to die in our physical bodies, but my final resting place will be in heaven, and it will be dictated by my creator Father/God.I am truly blessed no matter what is going on in the world!!!


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