Happy and grateful to be a part of this online support and looking forward to Sharing with others! I remember hearing you have breast cancer 23 years ago when I was quite young and had two small boys at home. I had so many questions, fears, concerns and didn't know where to start! Years ago it was so difficult and isolating. Anyone had to deal with a similar experience?

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  • I was a bit older than you (54), and my kids were older than yours too (14 and 23), but I was stunned as well. And like you, I felt very alone, despite a wonderful family and a hugely supportive circle of friends.

    In September 2004 I didn't know the first thing about breast cancer, but within a few weeks I had become a total cancer nerd, up on every nuance of staging and therapy. I'm sure I bored everyone I spouted off to! As I finished treatment and got back on my feet, it seemed like a waste to have acquired all that knowledge and struggled through all that dreadful anxiety and not use the experience somehow. So I started volunteering on the Share breast cancer helpline.

    And from what I hear from callers on the helpline, people are just as traumatized now by a breast cancer diagnosis as you and I were all those years ago!

  • Yes, that's true! I think it's still the fear that we might not be able to live long enough to raise our children and sometimes that's what gives us the strength to go on! Now that I have a granddaughter I enjoy her thoroughly and make it my business to SHARE as much time as I can with her. We just returned from a family vacation and Nana returned with the greatest and widest smile ever!