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No desire

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After 28 years of marriage and hardly any sex my desire for it is gone. How can I get it back? I’m divorced now with a wonderful woman who loves sex with me but I’m having difficulty.

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We have really no limitations. She was deprived as well but opened up like crazy now. Sex life is amazing it’s just me. She is 36 I’m 53. No biggie but I wish desire to be intimate was there. I just wondered if I’m lacking something or thyroid or something. Don’t know

Yes for Ed but don’t need that anymore. It’s just the desire for it now I’m dealing with



There can be many factors in low libido in men. As RT mentioned, there are some medical investigations that can be performed , but the detection rate of issues like thyroid, low testosterone etc is low. Other factors like depression, anxiety, stress can often cause it. It can also be a side effect of medication. If you like in the UK, sexual health clinics often have a psychosexual team linked to them , but they do have long waiting times.

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