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Painful intercourse

After having intercourse with my partner for a while I noticed a slight pain forming, the pain kept getting worse the more we had intercourse and fast forward to nearly 2 years later the pain is still here. It’s a horrible burning pain, it is located at the opening of my vagina and the opening only, it is only the bottom half of the opening though. To make it more easier to imagine picture a circle and half it, the bottom half of the circle is my pain, that is the only part that hurts. If I apply pressure to the top of my vagina no pain but if I apply pressure to the bottom, pain. I have an inkling it could be vulvodynia but what would only cause pain to the bottom half of the opening? It’s very strange but it’s horrible, I can barely let my partner touch me. I’ve been to the doctors many times, had many scans and blood tests but nothing. I’ve searched far and wide on the internet to find someone who’s vaginal opening (hole, introitus) hurts on the bottom half but during intercourse it feels like everything hurts but I have found nothing, I feel like the only one, I just turned 18 and I’ve had this problem since March 2017. It also hurts after intercourse for hours, the same burning feel... how can I ever get closure if no one knows what’s wrong with me :(

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Hi I take you have been tested for a persistent yeast infection? as some times they just don't want to leave.

Look I have found you this link, its long but it may give you something you have not seen.


For intercourse have you tried using lubricants, try coconut oil your find your get lots of slip and its very vagina friendly, have you tried being shaved, this would take away any drag from pubic hairs, but always shave downwards only.



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