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Implant anxiety

I'm on nexplanon (the implant) I've been on this for 1.5 years and I'm sexualy active, although my period has been unpredictable I've always had cramps before and then the actual period but this time (2 weeks ago) I've had cramps and no period I took a pregnancy test last week which was negative but it's still bothering me that I've not had a period. Is my anxiety miss placed or am I pregnant...

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Nexplanon is very unpredictable with periods. I have the implant myself. It is very very unlikely you are pregnant but it is not impossible so taking a test in the near future would be necessary but thinking of an unwanted pregnancy will give you anxiety and it will play on your mind. So to put your mind at rest have another test and if it is negative you should have no need to worry, your periods could stop because of the implant or be very irregular, it varies from person to person. I hope this helped😊

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I have done another test which came negative.

Thank you for the reassurance 🤗


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