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Sexual testing for the over 50s

on my divorce after 25 years of marriage , I found I enjoyed gay sex at the age of 58, having never thought of sex with another man before. However I have relised that I need to be tested on a regular basis. Although I have a postal HIV test done annually, All other free STI postal testing services are for the under 25s. With all the Gum clinics in my area being in local hospitals the thought of being seen going out into a clinic just puts me off. Having met loads of guys in a similar situation over the past few, most of them with grown up children and grandchildren, who can't afford to come out. There a huge part of society male and female sexually active in later life. Who are not getting tested, open up free postal testing to all groups let's not be discriminated because of age

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I hope you get the help you need. Be careful. Enjoy life.