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My boyfriend has exposed me to an STI

About four weeks ago I started getting symptoms similar to a urine infection (burning sensation when urinating and unusual discharge) so I went to my GP and they took swabs. I had a letter in the post a week letter confirming I was positive for Chlamydia- I was so shocked and embarrassed. I have been with my partner for 6 years and have been faithful throughout. I confronted him and he admitted to having two night stands before we moved in together, 2 years ago. I have been researching and spoken to sexual health specialists, and they say Chlamydia is a silent infection where many women have this for years without knowing. However I started with symptoms about a month ago, and research states if you do show symptoms it is likely you have been exposed to the infection between 1-3 weeks.

Because there are no facts on when I caught the STI I am struggling to decide whether he is telling the truth about giving it me 2 years ago. The fact is he has been unfaithful either way. Hope someone can help, thanks.

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Hello there, this is a really sad story - I am so sorry. It can be the most heart-wrenching thing to be cheated on, and even worse when there is an infection involved. From a medical point of view, please get checked out fully to make sure there are no other infections.

Chlamydia can lay silent for a long time, but even two years is quite long....

You may never 100% know whether the infection was caught two years ago or more recently, but it is more to do with whether you trust him now, and whether you can continue to trust him in the future.

The other issue is that we all make mistakes, if he is someone that you want to spend the rest of your life with, are you able to forgive him and move on? Have a really big chat about trust and your future.

You may never know the answers about the Chlamydia, but follow your heart about him. Dr Webberley


I really appreciate your advice. Thank you so much for your time. I made an appointment straight away at the GUM clinic and had a full screening, with antibiotics to treat the infection.

Thank you again.