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HPV infected

Last year I was diagnosed with Genital Warts (HPV), I used cream given by the doctor and they vanished almost instantly, I've not had any more outbreaks since. I've recently got a new boyfriend and I make sure we use a condom when we have intercourse, but could he still contract the HPV disease? Will I still be infected after a year?

Please help!


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Hi, it sounds like you only had a very mild attack which is great. Condoms will help prevent you transmitting the virus to anyone else, although they are not 100% guaranteed.

You will always carry the virus, but that does not mea that anyone you meet will develop warts. For them to develop warts they need to have never met the virus before (unusual) and also be someone who actually develops warts rather than just carries the virus (unusual).

There are very many people who carry the virus, and only a very small few who actually go on to develop warts. I know it is a worry, but please don't stress too much.

Try chatting with your boyfriend, he may already know that he has met the virus before anyway?

I hope this helps. Dr Helen Webberley


Thank you for that, I really appreciate it, it's reassured me a lot! But my boyfriend had never had sex before, I am his first, and am scared to what he will think. I want to have sex without the hassle of a condom. I am on the implant so I'm not being unsafe, I just want to not use a condom. But I don't want him to contract the virus, what should I do?

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Hi Alice, it is such a tricky one. Lots and lots of people have had warts in the past, could you bring yourself to tell him about it?

On the other hand, not everyone who catches the virus makes warts, it is actually quite unusual to make visible warts, so there is absolutely no certainty that he would make warts if you had sex unprotected.

I am a big fan of talking about worries, especially if your relationship is going to the next level.


Could we continue this is a private message if possible please?


Sure :-)


I am in the same situation! Really would like an answer!


Mine seem to have disappeared, since happening I have had a few partners and nothing has been a problem :)