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New girlfriend STI checkup


I have been dating a girl for a while now. We've had sex a few times but I am worried as she refuses to go for an STI checkup. I go quite regularly as I once had a scare before, but she says that she definitely doesn't have any infections. There are no symptoms or anything, but it'd just make me feel much more confident if I knew we were both clear before we take things further!

Have you known someone like this before and know of a way I can persuade her to go get checked out?


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Hi, It is impossible to know whether someone definitely does not have any infections without being tested. All the STIs have times when they cause no symptoms, so you are right to encourage testing. These days it is easier than ever to get full tests for STIs, from your GP, family planning clinic, GUM clinic, or online testing kits. You should only have sex with someone if you think it is safe to do so and it is what you want to do. Have another chat and see why she doesn't want to.


Free online testing are not available for the over 25s


Why ask her for a check up after you have already had sex a few times with her? No need for a check up now unless you or she has signs or symptons. Life is too short to worry. Nobody can be expected to get a check up every time they find a new partner.