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Reasons for PME

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So as hard as it is (no pun intended) I suffer from Pre-mature Ejaculation. As a 28 year old male its hard to admit, which is why I'm basically admitting it here rather to people I know, as I'd rather get help away from my daily life. So I first noticed I had this problem before I had any girlfriends, as most teenagers I pleasured myself but I noticed I couldn't last long as my penis was sensitive. Not sensitive as in it hurt or uncomfortable, its difficult to explain, but I got turned on too easily. Same happened with my first proper girlfriend, when we were intimate it was the same, I couldn't last long, literally seconds, unless I got drunk then I could last longer. I'm not sure why this is happening to me, I don't know if its physically or mentally. As when I read the NHS about pre-mature ejaculation and the 'undractive thyroid' I seem to have a few symptoms, like


-Being Sensitive to Cold


-Dry and Scaly Skin

But can I have this from an early age? As when I look back, from hitting puberty this problem of PME has been a problem, especially now I'm sexually active. I mean is it a coincidence that I have some of the symptoms of a 'underactive thyroid' or is it more of a mental problem, or some other physical problem?

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When I was a teenager I used to ejaculate quickly. I bought some stuff to desensitize the tip of my penis. It was called Detain. It worked. That was many years ago. I hope you get some help. Good luck. Please keep us posted.

Note: Have you tried masturbating more often? Maybe that will help you last longer when you have a partner. Masturbate a couple of times before a date.

One thing to remember is when you are intimate with your girlfriend if you do Ejaculate to soon, do not stop. Carry on with the intimacy, make sure she enjoys your time with you. This will help you both get through it and may lead to a second chance.

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Great advice. Keep it up. She may enjoy seconds. You will be less sensitive.

I went to This is excellent. I learned a lot. Thanks for sharing. I encourage every man to explore the information presented. It has videos as well.

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Ask your doctor if Dapexotin suit you

For me it was obsessing too much about it and that hurt myself. Watching too much of porn also didn't work for me. Because by the time I was ready for the act, i was done. Meditation, mild yoga-laying flat and bending your legs over toward your body repeating it few times helps me keep it erect. Much better than before.

One thing you may want to try is to get regular cardio exercise. This somehow worked for me, and it seems to be supported in men's fitness magazines.