Men's Health Urologist, Utah, USA

Men's Health Urologist, Utah, USA

I'm intrigued by these patient-centered blogs and am joining as a potential resource to men. I have expertise in minimally invasive procedures for BPH (eg, UroLift, Rezum), and prostate cancer (HDR, HIFU). I also practice high-quality diagnosis and management for hypogonadism (low testosterone) and erectile dysfunction. Here to help!

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  • welcome,

  • Welcome to our group! We have many different communities. Please join them. Click on my name to see the various posts I have made in the various groups. We help each other.

  • Do you offer "same gender intimate care" for those men that want their privacy & dignity assured? This is something already offered to women it would be nice if men's health also offered it to those that want it.

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