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Sudden Cardiac Arrest & Heart Attack
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I had a massive heart attack 1/2015. The anniversary of my event is 1/22-I always freak out thinking about what happened and will it happen again- time doesn’t change that feeling for me.

I have no memory of what happened before or after. I was put into a medically induced coma for 3 days. I struggle with wanting too remember! I want too know what it was like 2 die. I have heard so many stories from people who have died& came back. They had out of body experiences, memories etc.- I have none. I think because of all the drugs they pumped into me too keep me in that coma; that they stole my memories. There has too be memories & I want them back! Does anybody know how or if I can get my memory back? It’s frustrating not knowing!! Since I really did die- I want too know what happened too my mind& body! What happened when I crossed over??

Would really like some input-

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When i died i saw nothing, experienced nothing, didnt cross over anything. Then there was a loud click in my head and i came back. Sorry if this disappoints you. But it might help you not feel like you have missed something.


Are should a person of faith?


I believe in the universe..


I'll take that as a no with regard to religion. What do you anticipate happens when you cross over? I am person of faith and I have not a clue what the experience of death in this world will be like, but I, as well as you and everyone else will know soon enough. I think a lot of the stories some people tell that have been clinically deceased are BS, but some of them I'm sure ring true. Hypnosis it's something you could consider. Perhaps there are no memories, or even that if there are memories you would be better off not recalling them. Sometimes we need to to be careful what we wish for.


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