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Sudden Cardiac Arrest & Heart Attack
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Breaky Heart

Had a heart attack a month ago, just on tablets now . I think I'm slow coming better

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hi, it will take time for you to heal physically and mentally. l think it is important to bring friends and family with you along this path because they are hurting with you. try to take it a day at a time


Thankyou for your reply, I hope it will help me .


It's not easy mentally. Physically with the help of rehab classes and some daily walking you can get better faster.

It will always be in the back of your mind and that doesn't really go but you learn to manage that. I talk about mine to everyone whether they want to hear or not .....it's my therapy.


Thankyou for your reply , I hope it will help me , I can't walk a lot at the moment fell and strained my ankle badly a day after I came out of hospital.


Did you have a stent?


I did have a stent back in 2009 but not this time only medication, trying too come better again after my heart attack, finding it hard x


If you read my posts after heart attack a year ago you'll see I took some time to start to improve. At rehab I have very much discovered that those who have had stents make quicker recovery - some back to pre heart attack form almost immediately.

You need to be patient and keep looking to an improved future while trying to increase your fitness slowly in whatever way. Listen to your body and don't overdo it.

I found helpful an A4 booklet on angina which the cardiac nurse gave me called The Angina Plan especially in managing recovery with targets. Don't know what country you're in . This is published in York England.

I try to balance limb fitness with heart ease ie keep body as strong as possible to support the heart while not challenging the heart too much.

Have you thought of armchair exercise at local gym till you are able for walking better. When you get to rehab you will be better motivated to keep up exercise.

Remember things will improve!!


Thankyou for your letter I hope I will see it helpful and will improve , I'm going to see the Cardiac Nurse next Thursday now for a chat , how do you balance the limb fitness with heart ease without challenging the heart too much ?, I live in a town called Cardigan in West Wales , things seems so slow around here after you had a heart attack , I have not seen the A4 booklet on angina I will try to find out if I can get one . Hope you feel better as well and strong . Thanks with much regards x


The balance is an ongoing process of planning and readjustment of what I do in a day. Many days I want to do more than my heart does. It gets gradually more tired then suddenly exhausted and needing sleep. The question is do I protect it by not using energy or keep active for at least a third of the day(which is the only answer)

The main thing is in rehab I don't do any jumping as most others do for it ends up affecting my heart energy but

I do try to make limbs stronger with very light weights etc

Now I'm a year on Couldn't do this 5 months after when I first started rehab.

It's difficult to know how much to push through. Listen to your body and don't expect too much yet. Keep hopeful for you will be able for more activity as you recover. Don't be afraid to tell nurse how you feel in detail - everyone is different. Getting tablets right is a major thing too. Keep asking even if you feel you're being a nuisance. Knowledge is so important.

Best wishes.


Thankyou for your reply, I get good and bad day 'a I am not trying to do much at the moment I will buy light weights for myself and go back to rehab , hoping I will get stronger and better , but lost more confidence in myself after this heart attack , have you been feeling this way . Thinking of you With regards and best wishes Rose x


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