Sudden Cardiac Arrest & Heart Attack
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8 weeks post heart attack

I previously wrote on here after my heart attack and one stent fitted. Everything about this US going ok. I was however referred to another consultant as my rhythms was showing as long QT on ECG. At the time I was taking Citalapram which I had on and off fir 20 years. This was stopped when in hospital. This week I had my appointment. A new ECG was normal. I thought that QT was either heridatory or drug induced. Apparently my assumption was wrong taking the citalapran just highlighted the fact that there maybe an inherited faulty gene. There US a lo g list if drugs, some quite common ones that can bring on QT which is only shown up on an ECG! I am going to have a device inserted under the skin on my chest which will give readings similar to ECG I am also going to see the I gritted gene team at St Thomas Go so, London.

I apologise for such a lo ng post but wonder if anybody else has experience of long QT syndrome and can enlighten me further.

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