Chest Pains

I am a 16 year old male, normal weight. Tonight I was making a hot drink and I suddenly experienced chest pains in the left side of my chest and under my armpit. It was very sharp, like a cage of sharp pieces of metal was around my heart and the left of my chest; when I breathed in it hurt even more. I just stood still for about 30 seconds, then it started to go away. During these pains I was thinking "Should I get my Dad to phone an ambulance?" and "Am I having a heart attack?". Now I've got aches/cramp like pain in my upper back and upper chest. Should I get help ASAP or go to my GP? I have had chest pains before like this (over a year ago) but I'd just waited for them to go. Now I'm thinking that I might have a heart condition.

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  • Get checked out asap best to be on safe side 

  • Should I go to A&E? I've still got aches in my chest/upper back.

  • No the advice is phone 999 as they will be quicker 

  • Get it checked ASAP. Normally a heart attack is not a sharp pain but you never know and it needs checking.

  • Hey, just saw your post, I know you wrote it 5 days ago.  I wanted to see how you were doing?   If the pain was as bas as I think I would have it checked out.  If it didn't go away after 15 minutes or so I would call 911.  You can never be too safe.  And if it got worse I would call right away.   Anyway, praying you're ok. 

  • It went after about 30 seconds. I phoned the GP and spoke to my GP telling him that I'd had it before and he told me that it's most likely that it's a muscle pull (because I was taking some milk out of the fridge when it happened).

  • How have you been feeling?

  • Fine, like normal so most likely a muscle pull. Thanks for asking by the way :)

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