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Sudden Cardiac Arrest & Heart Attack
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Having a cardiovascular perfusion MR scan

Well, I had a Cardiovascular Perfusion MR Scan on Tuesday, there was good and bad points but first:

It was again in London at the Royal Brompton, because of rush hour train fares it was cheaper to stay two nights and travel off peak. The time of the scan was 12.30 for 1pm, I got there at 12.30 and was promptly whisked away to fill in forms, have cannulas fitted and have an ECG. They were very nice, polite but sometimes over explained what was happening, just remember the the nurse who also looks after the music doesn't know her 70’s from her 80’s from her 90’s, I asked for 70’s glam rock (my era) and got oasis but it was all light hearted. My arteries vanish at will and after trying at my elbows I ended up with one in the back of each hand and I was directed to the scan room where they hooked me up to drug pumps, put ECG monitor leads on me, gave me a buzzer, put head phones on and put me in the tube, I wouldn't like to be claustrophobic and have to go in the tube as it was the tightest I've been in, my nose was just an inch away from the top. My music started and I was given instructions of when to hold my breath, no problems, the nurse kept saying well done and that I was doing well at holding my breath. She then said we will now put the stress drug in (dopamine I think) all was fine then suddenly it started to hit, sweating, chest pain, feeling sick and disorientation, she kept asking how I was and I heard someone say “get him out” the table started moving and I was in the room again. I was just about coherent the nurse was stroking me and mopping my brow (a bit emergency ward 10 but much appreciated) she said “you didn't like that did you?”, at that point I said “I've now got an headache” and she said “that's the caffeine”, a few minutes later I was back in the smarty tube. I couldn't really say when the contrast went in but I know it did at least a couple of times but I started to lose the ability to hold my breath and scans had to keep being repeated. They finally said this is the last section, although they had been saying similar since the scan started but this time it was and they pumped more contrast into me and I started to go again but then I was out and being unhooked. Times suggest that I was in the tube for about 1 hour.

I now felt very similar to when I had a suspected TIA, I was reminiscent of a drunken sailor so my wife and I made for the nearest cafe to rest and replenish. I was now in after event scenario, hungry and wanting to sleep but I have kept having little events like whilst on the train my chest kept fluttering and dropping out and it now two days later and it's 5am and I Don't know which way things are going, it's either sleep or 999.

One things for sure and that is that the nurse was correct; I didn't like the stress drug!


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Wow... didn't go thru what you described, but my heart attack was similar, in that I HAD Extreme difficulty breathing, (as my lungs were actually f illing with fluid caused by runaway Blood ptrssure. Not being diabetic, the physicians on duty were temporarily puzzled, but quickly came to a solution.It seems the profuse sweating is a symptom, although in my case, there were no chest pains or numbness, just extreme difficulty bteathing. Funny thing is I was accompanying my younger brother (who by the way had triple by-pass surgery a few years ago) to HIS doctor's appointment. My brother, recognizing what was happening, called emergency 911 on his cell. By the way, I am a first responder, trained in CAR and the operation of AED units. Ironic.


I had a profusion scan in the summer and I didn't react well to the stress drug either it took me a week to feel "normal" again when I went back for a second scan to be done at rest the radiologist remembered me and said I should have rang them to tell them my symptoms as I may have experienced side effects from the drug - to be safe you should get checked out - hope all is well


Hi, unless they find anything this time I haven't got any blockages, my arteries are virtually clear, I've had an angio and a nuclear a couple of years ago, I have vascular spasms which primarily effect my heart, at rest and after exertion. I didn't react to the nuclear to the same degree. Many doctors get confused when I tell them I'm not diabetic as they expect me to be!


I have a stress test again on the 4th feb,my last one wasn't nice at all so dreading this one,,mines at wythenshaw in manchester


I've got into see Professor Collins in 13 days time to get the results?

Now that's quicker than I can get in to see my GP? But it's yet another stay over in London or another Another way of looking at it: yet another £300 this condition is costing us!


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