Restless Legs Syndrome
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Many thanks to all who responded to my question

It is so helpful to read of other people's experiences. As well as legs and arms I get it across the muscles at the top of my back. I also have fibromyalgia and the combination of tramadol, gabapentin, and imipramine I take for the fibro pain has, on the whole, dealt with the rls until recently when I developed cholecystitis, and since the pain from that has been constant I have had rls in leg/legs/arm/arms/shoulders every night. I also take magnesium at night. The last few nights I have used my TENS machine, putting the pads at the top of my back for my arms and upper back, and lower back for legs, whichever side I have the pain and this has counteracted it :)

I just hope I don't get it in more than 2 limbs at once! lol

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Poor you! RLS is bad enough without anything else. I have chronic multi joint osteoarthritis as well.

Taking Tramadol for that, but it hasn't improved RLS. Have appointment with GP next week to see if I can take something other than 2 tabs pramipexole.

Have had to resort to sleeping in spare bed ( mind you my husband snores) and seem to spend most of night reading or listening to the radio. I am out this evening to hear local school band.

It is so embarrassing when you have to keep twitching about! Will take meds early but then i know they wont last thro' the night.

Good job I am retired (ex Infant teacher) couldn't imagine facing 30 children after having had no sleep.

Hoping you get some respite , it really helps to hear about other folks - don't feel so alone.


Just an FYI, in case this may appy to you. Imipramine is a tricyclic antidepressant, and is one of the top drug classes that can make RLS worse or actually trigger it off. is great on the treatment page "Drugs and Foods to Avoid". We all are different, but most people find that med will work against your other meds that do help your RLS. Your mileage may vary. ;)


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