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Privacy on the forum

Some of the RLS-UK Trustees have been approached by a forum user asking for our thoughts about people publicly publishing private HealthUnlocked messages.

Our position on this is pretty clear.

Given that we stated in our recent blog entry that we found this sort of behaviour unacceptable, anyone who does this (publishes private HealthUnlocked messages publicly) would henceforth be asked to leave the HealthUnlocked site, permanently. It is a gross breach of trust and privacy and goes against the ethos of what we are trying to achieve.

Before now, some people may have tried to argue that they didn't know. We do not believe any such excuse now exists.

So, to avoid any confusion, if you henceforth publish on HealthUnlocked the details of a private HealthUnlocked email correspondence, verbatim or not, we will look upon such actions particularly unfavourably. We are adults and should act in an adult manner.

As per my blog of the other day, I request that comments about the above are NOT posted below.


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