Restless Legs Syndrome
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hi everyone

restless legs for about 2 years and arms about 14 months when i first told my doc about my arms hes said he did not hear of it so i suffered till i looked it up on here a few days ago im on pramapexol for my legs but the doc is taking me off them and putting me on haliperidol for both 500 micrograms 1 four times a day does any one know what these tablets are like as i know nothing about them

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The prescription medication works by blocking or lessening the effects of a certain chemical in the brain (dopamine)

Hi, this is what i have found after doing research....because i hadnt heard of this drug.

As you can see it says it blocks dopamine. That is NOT what you want, it is dopamine that we need according to the experts. If what i found is right, then your doctor has no idea on how to treat RLS by prescribing this med. I wouldnt start taking it yet, until you have anyone else confirm what i have found.

You can put that meds name in a search yourself and have a look at what it is and what it is used for.... i also do research if i am giving anything i dont understand what it is... :)


hi thanks i will look in to this with the doc


Halperidol will most likely make your RLS worse, because it does block dopamine. Elisse is right. That is an antipsychotic and if the doctor thinks that that med is going to help you, he is WRONG. No way you treat RLS with an antipsychotic med ever. - go to treatment page- see "drugs and foods to avoid" this page is our medication "bible". The site is based in the US, but the drugs NOT to use are universal. There are always exceptions, but I can almost promise you, the the halperidol will actually make your RLS worse 99.9% of the time. Please read that web site, maintained by an RLS expert. :) Lots of info you need to know.


i will do thank you


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