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Taking Meds and Knowing How and When to use Them-WEB SITES to Use-Knowledge is Power

Lots of places and this site included, I see day after day people who have no idea how or when to take their meds.

1. BEFORE you leave the doctor's office, ASK what is this med for, why are you prescribing it for me, how do I take it?

2. If you still have more questions, when you get your prescription filled at the pharmacy/chemist's, ask your pharmacist about drug interactions. The pharmacist will know more than your doctor usually, because this is what they have studied. And, READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS in the leaflet that comes with all prescriptions.

3. This really should be # 1. Do your homework BEFORE and AFTER you go to the doctor. There many good web sites to help you do this. They are listed below....... - go to treatment page-scroll down for "Drugs and Foods to Avoid" (IMPORTANT) check meds and interactions and very detailed instructions and info details than above site, but still good. See RLS Section- lots of patient stories, as well on

Avoid any web sites that use the word cure. Alternative therapy is discussed on the rlshelp web site and is run by an RLS expert who I have known for 15 yrs, and he is a medical advisor to the US RLS Foundation, as well as to my support groups I moderate and own online. That web site is THE site to use. It is a US based site, but the info is universal.

We answer questions every day about meds, and I and other members are very glad to do so, but please read instructions that go wth your meds,. they put these leafets in the bag for a reason. And, I cannot emphasize enough to ASK QUESTIONS in the doctor's office and don't leave until you have the answers you need. Be prepared, keep a diary, write down questions, etc. Take an advocate with you to the doctor's to help explain what is going on. sometimes an extra person will remeber to say something that you might forget because you, the RLS patient, are exhausted, emotional, confused, etc

We have to help ourselves and help our doctors help us. If you and your doctor do not agree on treatment, or your GP does not know what to do, or whatever, you have the right to a referral to a neurologist or a sleep doctor.

Sometimes we have to fight for the right treatment, something we do not feel like doing on bad days or nights, but knowledge is power, so build up your RLS knowledge.

Remember, there is NO cure as of yet, but lots of coping techniques and meds can help. There are also different levels of severity of rLS, and always remeber we are all different, so what works for one person does not necessarily work for the next one. that is for SURE. :)

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oh, and forgot to list the web site. DUH! :) Brain fog!


A superbly writtern blog N.D, With lots of infomation + advice in it!!!,

Yep your are So right N.D, If you are getting No-Where with your,

Normal Doctor Go to another Dr That's your right, I had to go to,

3-4 Dr's within my surgery before I was taken serouisly!!!.

I will look at the other website as you rightly say Knowledge,

Is power-power to you the RLS Suffer!!!!


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