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ITS BACK!!!!!!!!!

So went of the rader for a bit everything just got to much and i really got to a point mentally that was not good!!!!! Since coming off amitriptaline from 50 to 25 the legs got alot better its been there in the background bit deffo not as bad eventually i will stop the amitrip alltogethrr. Cause i was on zopiclone for a while it left me with insomnia which imnot talkng now but am still struggleling to sleep well. Now tonight ive gone bed and bam its there really strong aswell. So now im up after having a panic attack that it was starting again. I know ive got to realise that its proberly never gonna go away it might for a bit but it alwaus comes bk. 5 months ago now i think im not sure ive lost all sense of space and time!!!!!!! I had my worst rls attack ever it might have subsided slightly but the deppreasion and pain it left me with has totally messed my head up. Im so paranoid about itnow and when it will come on even sat here thinking that it could be the tinned spaggetti i had today that i never usually have!!!!!!!! Does that sound mad or what???????

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RLS is always there in the background even if we have got it under control with medications.

Unfortunately we all have to come to terms that it wont go away, not permenantly.

Try not to panic when you feel it coming on, easy said i know. but it can make the RLS attack worse.

We all go thro what we have eaten thats different, what have we done thats different, and it doesnt sound mad.

The times i have thought its what i had for dinner.

You can look at the website and see there are some foods or drink that can for some make RLS worse, but can be different for everyone whether certain food and drink can effect it... most of what is said on that site, doesnt bother mine, others it sends their RLS nuts...

I find that anything with salt, sugar and alcohol in it after 7pm make mine very much worse and will bring on symptoms despite my taking 3.5mp of Ropinirole nightly. When that happens, I take another .25 of Ropinrole and get up and do some leg exercises, or simply go downstairs and stroke the cat (!) for a while and then try to sleep again. sometimes this is enough to let me sleep and other times I have to repeat the process. Sadly, it is a condition that will stay with us for the rest of our lives and does get progressively worse, but there is plenty of info out there which will help to get you treatment which works for you. I have discovered another really good website too: - it's another discussion board, but there are links to helpful documents which give info for both patients and doctors, so well worth a look. I have printed some documents out for my GP and plan to take one at a time for them to have a look at, as many GPs don't seem to know very much about it. Hopefully they'll be willing to learn though!


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