Restless Legs Syndrome


Hi to all us NON-SLEEPERS!!!, well after about 5 days of very little sleep,

I have just taken one of my Emergency back-up supply of chemical sleeping,

pills (ZOPICNE 7.5mg)!!!. I need some sleep even if it's Chemically induced!!!.

These Emergency sleeping pills were given to me by my doctor after i had,

APX 5-6 days of Completely NO SLEEP!!! day OR night!.

My legs are just so bad!, i could chop them off!!!, I fear my normal dose of,

Gabapentin is not working as well as now as it did when i was 1st prescribed,

By my doctor. This seems to be the pattern with this illness as if the Syndrome,

get accustomed to the drugs + we need a higher dose OR a different,

Type of medication.

Well i hope to be in the land of nod soon counting those chemical sheep!,

Goodnight for now ALL non-sleepers out there!!!.

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Try adding Pramipexole to the Gabapentin, this combo works for me. And must be better than the sleeping tablets. My heart is with you such deprivation is appalling and has an effect on ones life that cant be imagined by those yet to experience such!!!

Good fortune

Bob M



I dont know what dose of gabapentin you are taking, but i know that med. can go quite high. Taking a sleeping pill is ok now and then, for the odd night, but as you seem to be having many bad nights, then either increasing the gaba, or as Bob has suggested adding another RLS med to it might be better. Combination of meds, can work better for some, and it can keep the dosage down by taking two, so less chance of augmentation.


Hope you get some quality rest soon. I have just had my 6th night of waking in the early hours. 58 minutes past midnight so that gave me less than 2 hours, then I fell asleep ironing at about 2.30am and have a nice burn on my tummy. It was hot so not a lot on!!!!!!!!!!! and so was the iron, HOT. Just tried for an appointment but have to phone back tomorrow when they release the next lot for 2 weeks Thursday!!!!!!!!!!!! Absolute CRAP but I have all the paper work that says Pramipexole is licenced in WALES

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So glad you found out the info on Pramipexole for Wales. Now lets see what your doctor says, when you get the appointment...

Good luck, keep us informed...


Sorry I have hijacked your blog. I feel for you and do hope you find something that works.

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Thank you ALL for sharing my sleepless night!!! i will go to the doctors soon as,

+ ask about the Pramipexole med!OR other meds to adding it to see if it helps!!!.

cefndaniel i hope your tummy burn is'nt to bad it sounds bad though!!!

i hope it heels quickly!!!. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts with me.


I hope you get more help, when you explain to your doctor, that you need something more, or something instead of what you are using now.

Good luck to you...


Always good to have emergency meds on hand for a backup. Just having that gives some peace of mind. cfndaniel- I am glad you found the info on meds in Wales. your doctor is way off, saying Requip was the only med licensed for RLS. I did gogle a few things the other day. ok, will get off this blog, since I am off subject now. :o)


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