Restless Legs Syndrome
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Let's get the negatives out of the way first. We are all different and meds re-act differently to each individual. OK? Amen.

I had RLS for 7 months last year. In the end I went to my neuro (I have Parkinson's) and he prescribed mirapexin (mirapex in US).

It works great for ME. He increased the dosage which did not suit me but I empowered myself to regulate the meds to suit me and it works just fine now


There are known POSSIBLE side affecs like hyper sexual activity (I should be so lucky), excessive gambling and largess money spending especially on credit cards so you must be aware of this.

If you feel that this is happening call your GP or consultant straight away so that they can advise you on how to reduce/come off the med. DO NOT STOP TAKING THE MEDS if you have been on for more than a few days as this can lead to major side effects.

Like all medication it will not suit everyone but if you have tried other meds and they do not work, well, it's not as if you are going to lose a nights' sleep over it as you are already there.

I wish you all a peaceful Easter.

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You sir are truly one of a kind. I love your sense of humor while at the same time you are giving us very valuable information. I have noticed everything you have mentioned. I do not gamble but I have been working on my credit cards.. I have never done that before, I am on a fixed income. The other is true too.. I am working on all of this starting today.

Thank you so much,



When given a new medication, always, always look at the leaflet enclosed. They give a list of possible side effects. I know the leaflet for Mirapexin(mirapex) states about the gambling and other compulsery(sp) stuff that can effect some people. The same goes for Ropinerole (Requip) and the Neupro Patch, which has just been given the go ahead for use in the States.

I agree with you drew410, sometimes we have to adjust the meds. to suit us, sometimes those side effects can hit badly, i also been adjusting mine to find the best way that i can get some sleep at night without toooo many side effects, i am using the Neupro Patch...which we already have in the UK.

Happy Easter to everyone....hope its RLS free...


amen to that and sleep well!


Mirapex and the other med for RLS does not work.


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