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Does Rotigotine cause insomnia like Ropinorole?


I'm on Ropinorole which is fine for stopping my RLS symptoms but gives me chronic insomnia. I tried Gabapentin to counter act this but I had really negative side-effects....

Has anyone tried Rotigotine and does it cause insomnia like Ropinorole?

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All dopamine agonists tend to have the same effect, one of which is general restlessness which can cause insomnia. It may be of no advantage switching to rotigitine in that case.

Sorry to hear that gabapentin gave side effects, what were they and how long were you taking it for?

I presume you were still taking ropinirole at the same time?

I used to suffer chronic insomnia when taking a DA, I tried a month's course of clonazepam which helped a little and improvement even lasted a while after the month.

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