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Neupro and ropinorole


Have been on ropinorole for about 10 years and they were quite effective on 3mg dosage but recently I've had some really bad days and nights so my doctor has put me on Neupro 2mg patches. I have only just started them but they don't seem to work that well. My doctor told me to use 2 patches but l took 1mg of ropinorole and that seemed to work. I usually cannot rest in the afternoon or evening but am willing to cope with that to get a good night's sleep. With the patch l say down a lot more during the day but my legs went berserk soon after l got into bed, that's when l took the solicitor and had a walk, went to bed and slept. I was worried that l shouldn't mix the two but reading on here has put my mind at rest. Thank you

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Try something else. I am taking codeine 30mg at night And it is working well

This may well be augmentation. Please use the search bar to inform yourself about it. Also read te info about it on the site :

Although switching from ropinirole to the long acting Neupro is an approach advocated by well-known RLS doctors/scientists, most people here on the forum who have augmented feel that this switch only postpones the misery. And in your case it doesn’t even seem to work. In fact, you have only been increasing your dopamine agonist load to well above the recommended maximum (now 1mg for ropinirole and 3mg for Neupro. That is, separately, not together).

You may find that you may have to come off both meds. If so, if you haven’t taken the Neupro for more than a few days, stop it. And them sloooowwwly reduce the ropinirole. You may want to ask your doctor for a med to help with the almost inevitable withdrawal symptoms. Often, tramadol 50mg is used for that. A good read how to deal with augmentation is this article :

Please talk to your doctor again after informing yourself thoroughly. And keep posting. We’re here to help.

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