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Back from Ireland...experiment


While in Ireland my RLS was almost non existent. It was so nice. But I have to admit to doing some drug experiments. I am currently on 5mg methadone and trying to get off the patch. I’m on 2 mg down from 8mg !!! That’s been rough. But a long time ago I was on 1600 mg gabepentin. I had a bunch of it left. While in Ireland I took the methadone the patch and 800 mg gabepentin. I felt like a normal human being. Slept 8hours every night no exaggeration. I know this was wrong to do but it did work. I looked up drug interactions and there is a mild one between methadone and gabepentin. Is anyone else on both at the same time? If so what is your dosage of each? How do I explain this to my doctors? Thanks everyone. I’m a bit embarrassed to have done this but over the years I’ve learned that sometimes... many times... I’m my best doctor.

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Wow! From 8mg to 2mg! I’m sorry it was rough, but great job!👍

I think most if not all of us at some stage dabble in medicating ourselves. Frankly I'd be surprised at people in extreme suffering NOT doing it, (keeping in mind that due care in the research side is carried out).

Might be an opportunity to come off the patch totally, (well done so far btw), replacing with the Lyrica.

The way you would explain it is VERY CAREFULLY, most Drs do not like pts taking it upon themselves to alter prescribed drugs. I am lucky that within reason my GP is OK with my antics but I would explain like you did that you had some Lyrica left over, were in need of sleep and normality and using what you already knew and what you researched you decided to try - for a short spell - to bring your RLS under control. Make sure you explain how well you felt and how you were able to live a normal life for a bit and how good that made you feel.

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